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Friday, October 25 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday, October 26, 9am-5pm

Sunday, October 27, 10am-Noon


The Enneagram: Part One


The Enneagram is a robust model of human behavior and development that supports personal and professional growth, success, and transformation. The most nuanced and powerful model I’ve encountered in years of development work, the Enneagram describes nine types, each with its own motivations and different ways of thinking, feeling, and reacting – in short, of viewing the world. Though it appears to be a mere personality typology, the Enneagram is actually a rich and lucid map of the structures of the personality, illuminating the journey of development. In this weekend class you will begin to:

  • Understand the Enneagram system
  • Become aware of your type structure, and its behaviors and effects Understand your motivation and that of others
  • Discover a map to your personal growth
  • Be more effective in your communication with

In the words of Don Riso, co-founder of the Enneagram Institute…

If we observe ourselves truthfully and non-judgmentally, seeing the mechanisms of our personality in action, we can wake up, and our lives can be a miraculous unfolding of beauty and joy.

and really…who doesn’t want that?

Course Content

Combining didactic teaching, experiential exercises, movement, and music, the class offers an opportunity for a profound and joyful learning experience..
On Friday evening, we will cover the Origins of the Enneagram and explore the Triads.
With that framework in mind, on Saturday we will learn about the Levels of Development and, within each Triad, the individual types.
On Sunday we’ll talk about the Wings and the Arrows (the stress and security points for each type), and have time for additional questions and answers.



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Early bird good through 10/11/19:  $247.00*

Price 10/12/19 – 10/25/19:                $297.00*


*All profits from this workshop got to support Freedom on the Inside: Missoula’s Jail Yoga and Meditation program


Unlimited available